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The Shropshire Association covers the towers in the Salop Archdeaconry of the Lichfield Diocese, and is roughly the area north of the River Severn, from near Wolverhampton in the southeast to Selattyn in the northwest. The rest of Shropshire is in the Hereford Diocese.

If you would like to know more about bellringing click here

If you like to learn to ring please contact our secretary [ ], or go along to a tower near you on a practice night.

Information about the towers in the Association, practice nights and Association events, and much else, can be found by following the links on the left or below.

Next Association event:

22 January 2022, 6:45pm for 7:00pm, - Practice, Quarterly Meeting, and AGM,
using Zoom and Ringing Room

Association AGM January 2022

The January practice, Quarterly meeting, and AGM, to be held on Saturday 22 January 2022, will now be held virtually. The agenda for the meeting, the Minutes of the October Quarterly meeting, and the Minutes of the 2021 AGM have been sent out to tower correspondents.
Also include in this email were information and forms for the 100+ Club. Please contact Biff Patterson [ ] if you need more information about the meetings.

If you wish to join the meeting please contact Vicki Sivess, [ ], who will send you the Zoom login details.

Shaun Greenfield, the Association's PRO, has put together some useful information about how to use Zoom video calling.
Click here to view and download the PDF.

First Peal Congratulations

Congratulations to Simon Rice who has rung his first peal. This was also the first Association peal of 2022 and was rung at Kemberton.

Shropshire Association

Kemberton - at the Church of St Andrew

On Thursday, 20 January 2022, in 2 hours and 18 minutes

A Peal of 5040 Grandsire Doubles

4 x 240 and 34 extents

Tenor 5-2-19 in A#

Simon E Rice Treble Andrew W Gordon 4
Adrian G Roberts 2 Kevin M Price 5
Nicola J Galton 3 Anthony J Freemont Tenor

Conducted by Andrew W Gordon.

First peal - Treble.
1950th peal - 4.

First Doubles on the bells


Updated Guidance for England Under Plan B

Updated guidance for ringing under Plan B can be found at

The First Association Peal at Kemberton

The first peal on the newly installed bells at Kemberton is the fifteenth peal for the Association in 2021.

Shropshire Association

Kemberton - at the Church of St Andrew

On Friday, 31 December 2021, in 2 hours and 30 minutes

A Peal of 5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor

Seven different extents

Tenor 5-2-19

E Ann Williams Treble Stephen G Askew 4
Elizabeth S Menhinick 2 Simon Adams 5
Adrian G Roberts 3 Andrew W Gordon Tenor

Conducted by Andrew W Gordon.

First peal on the bells. Tenor 1621 four hundred years old.

50th peal: 4.


Another Handbell Peal at Lilleshall

A peal celebrating the birth of a grandchild has been rung at Lilleshall.

Shropshire Association

Lilleshall, Shropshire - at 13 Church Meadow

On Monday, 20 December 2021, in 1 hour 49 minutes

A Peal of 5040 Treble Bob Minimus

105 methods: 48 changes each of Oxford, Bannerdown, Batheaston, Ashley, Easter, Christchurch and Southampton District,
Cubley, Little Bedwyn, Rawston, Pickwick, Greta Thunberg, Wegg, Biggetywitch, Havisham,
Bucket, Dodger, Tulkinghorn, Reverse Little Solsbury Hill, Reverse Brown's Folly, Reverse Marshfield,
Bumble, Scrooge, Cratchit, Reverse Ufton Nervett, Compeyson, Reverse St Catherine's Valley,
Reverse Moreton, Reverse Steway Lane, Reverse Northend, Reverse Crawford, Gunville,
Reverse Toller Fratrum, Reverse Barby, Red Nose, Reverse Sham Castle, Reverse Ashwicke,
Reverse Monkswood Reservoir, Reverse Ramsbottom, Reverse Fosse Lane, Reverse Brimpton,
Reverse Newtown, Wirral, Berkley, Buscot, Reveller, Reverse Briefcase and Mobile Phone, Spetchley,
Outwood, Lockinge, Reverse Berkley, Rushton Old, Yatton Keynell, Ettington, Reverse Keyneston,
Waresley, Reverse Stickland, Reverse Derby, Sparsholt, Slindon, Towersey, Reverse Fritwell,
Reverse Torbryan, Reverse Shipton Gorge, Foremark, Barkham, Reverse Reveller, Iken, Fritwell,
Poppy, Reverse for the Fallen, Bolnhurst, Reverse Truffler, Langdon Hills, Briefcase and Mobile Phone,
Keyneston, Torbryan, For the Fallen, Tarrant, Kemp Town, Kermit, Upton by Birkenhead, Reverse Spetchley,
Eclipse, Shipton George, Last Post, Donhead, Ashow, Reverse Draughton, Princess of Cambridge,
East Horsley, Stickland, Halton, Truffler, Reverse Kermit, Draughton, Clearwell, Prince of Cambridge,
Newington, Derby, Denchworth, Remembrance Day, Reverse Upton by Birkenhead,
Newbold Pacey, St Aelhaiarn, and Guilsfield.

Tenor 9oz in Bb

Gail K Lawrence 1-2
Matthew Lawrence 3-4

Conducted by Gail K Lawrence.

To welcome our Grandson, Tobiah (Toby) James Ian Darby, born yesterday.
A little brother for Enid.

1111.RW5777.37 14.i.2022

Safeguarding Policy October 2021

A new Association Safeguarding Policy has been produced. The policy can be read and downloaded from here. This file consists of three sections: the Safeguarding Policy, the Good Practice Checklist, and Permission to Ring and Attend SACBR Activity forms.

This new documentation replaces all previous versions.

"Calling It Round"

The Central Council has issued a new publication focused on the first steps in calling and conducting from any bell. The publication has been written by Bryn Marie Reinstadler and is free and available at

Carbon Dioxide Monitors

We are now in receipt of 2 NDIR Carbon Dioxide monitors that are available for loan to Association members. CO2 monitoring is not about our current return to ringing (which is predicated on low virus levels in the community and high uptake of a good vaccine which protects against currently circulating variants) but it will help us make an informed choice on how we can continue to ring if/when coronavirus levels rise into autumn and winter.

Further information can be found at:

Please contact Matt Lawrence if you would like to borrow a monitor. [ ].

Raising Funds for the Mobile Belfry

Because of the pandemic the Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry has not been hired so no funds have been raised. The insurance of the Mobile Belfry still has to be paid and it is a significant amount of money. The three Associations which own the Mobile Belfry each donated £200 in 2020 to help fund the cost, but it would be helpful to have another source of income. To this end you can raise funds for the Mobile Belfry by making purchases through

You must login to amazon via, rather than directly through You will then be able to choose the charity you want to benefit from your eligible purchases. Choose Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry. Then shop as usual. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible items to the charity of your choice.

Central Council COVID-19 Guidelines

The Central Council's guidance about ringing during the pandemic can be found at

About the Central Council

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has issued three documents about its work, volunteering with the Central Council, and what it means to be a Central Council Representative.

Those documents can be read and downloaded here:
What's the point of the Central Council.pdf,
Volunteering with the Central Council.pdf,
What does being a Central Council Rep mean?

Index of YouTube Videos

The Central Council has put together a list of training webinars and videos which have been recorded and posted on YouTube.

Safeguarding Guide from the Central Council

In The Ringing World of 13 September 2019 Chris Mew wrote a review of the current situation regarding ringers and Safeguarding. That article can be read and downloaded here.

The Stewardship and Management Workgroup of the Central Council has produced a document relating to Safeguarding for Bellringers. The document can be found here.

Support Your Association with SACBR Clothing

We can now offer members a range of items embroidered with the SACBR logo. These are embroidered to order: contact Biff Patterson [ ] for details or to place an order.

The background colour for ‘corporate’ events is burgundy (as shown) but feel free to choose a different background for personal use. Check availability but navy or black are obvious options.

Polo shirts, as worn by those manning the Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry at Newport Show, £15. Biff has one lady-fit medium in stock. If you would normally buy small, this is for you.
Sweat shirts £17.50 Rugby shirts £25.
If you supply a garment it can be embroidered for a cost of £6.

The polo shirts are pure cotton, wash very well, BUT are skimpy. Biff suggests going up one or even two sizes on what you would normally select. Available in standard rectangular shape (men or unisex), quite long in the body; or lady-fit, which is shorter and more shaped. Choose from M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
Sweat shirts are only available unisex: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
Rugby shirts are available in men’s or women’s: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

SACBR Logo on maroon shirt LDMB at Newport Show

Photos by Biff Patterson, Edric Broom

Books For Bellringers

Are you looking for some practical, written help for yourself or your tower but don’t know what is out there? If so, Books for Bellringers may be what you need. It is a small collection of books aimed mostly at beginners but with some material for those learning methods. Towers can borrow the collection for a period of up to two months so that everyone has a chance to see what they might find useful. Individuals or towers can order copies of the books using the details in the catalogue supplied.

If you would like to borrow the collection please contact me at: or telephone 01939 291014.

Jad Bienek

Tower Access Guidance Notes

The Towers and Belfries Committee of the Central Council has produced some guidance notes on the various ways we access towers. The notes cover the condition of stairs and ladders; handholds; lighting; doorways and trap doors; and some potential hazards.

The notes can be found at, and downloaded from,

Quarterly Newsletter

In order to ensure that all ringers have the opportunity to read the quarterly Newsletter, and to help keep costs down, it would be helpful if the Newsletter could be delivered electronically. Is there someone in your tower who would be willing to receive the quarterly Newsletter by email, and be willing to make at least one copy of it for your tower notice-board? This person should be someone who checks their email frequently (not just once or twice a year!).

Please contact Shaun Greenfield [ ] with the name, email address, and tower of your tower’s email correspondent and of any other members who would like to receive their own copy. Email addresses supplied will be stored on the Newsletter Editor's computer and used only for the distribution of the newsletter. They will not be made available to anyone else.

Paper copies will still be sent out to those towers who do not wish to receive it electronically.

Shaun would welcome any comments on the future format of the Newsletter and any items for inclusion in it.

Committee Meeting

The next Association committee meeting will be held on Sunday, 13 March 2022.