SACBR Striking Competition Previous Winners

Date Ernest Willcox Challenge Cup Charles Allmand Memorial Shield Call Change Trophy
1972 Shrewsbury
1973 Shrewsbury
1974 Shrewsbury
1975 Shrewsbury
1976 Shrewsbury
1977 Chetwynd
1978 Wellington
1979 Shrewsbury
1980 Shrewsbury
1981 Shifnal
1982 Shifnal
1983 Shifnal
1984 Shrewsbury Edgmond
1985 Shrewsbury Madeley
1986 Shrewsbury Wellington
1987 Shrewsbury Edgmond
1988 Shrewsbury Ightfield and Calverhall
1989 Shrewsbury Bromfield
1990 Shrewsbury Tong
1991 Edgmond Shrewsbury 'B'
1992 Edgmond Hodnet
1993 Tong Shifnal Edgmond
1994 Edgmond Ryton Hodnet
1995 Suspended Suspended Suspended
1996 Edgmond Tong Bridgnorth
1997 Edgmond Shrewsbury No entrants
1998 Edgmond Meole Brace Great Ness
1999 Edgmond Hodnet Prees
2000 Edgmond Newport Newport
2001 Shrewsbury Albrighton Albrighton
2002 Edgmond Shifnal Newport
2003 Shrewsbury Newport Newport
2004 Shrewsbury Not presented Newport
2005 Shrewsbury 'B' Baschurch Baschurch
2006 Edgmond Upton Magna Shrewsbury 'A'
2007 Edgmond Market Drayton Newport
2008 Shrewsbury 'A' Baschurch Shrewsbury 'B'
2009 Shrewsbury Stanton upon Hine Heath Baschurch
2010 Oswestry Newport Edgmond
2011 Baschurch Market Drayton Baschurch
2012 Shrewsbury ‘A’ Ruyton XI Towns Shrewsbury ‘B’
2013 Shrewsbury ‘A’ Edgmond Oswestry
2014 Edgmond Newport Market Drayton
2015 Edgmond Wellington Meole Brace
2016 Shrewsbury ‘A’ Baschurch Oswestry
2017 Shrewsbury ‘B’ Market Drayton Wellington
2018 Shrewsbury ‘A’ Edgmond Market Drayton
2019 Edgmond Edgmond Lilleshall

The Ernest Willcox Challenge Cup is awarded to the band with the fewest faults.

The Call Change Trophy is awarded to the call change band with the fewest faults.

The Charles Allmand Memorial Shield is awarded to the best placed of the other towers which has not won any of the three awards in the previous two competitions.

The remaining rules are sometimes published in the annual report. The rather arcane requirements for winning the Charles Allmand Shield are designed to enable less experienced bands to gain some success. The fact that so many Association towers have so far been awarded one of the trophies is an indication of the success of this ambition.