Wroxeter, St Andrew

Wroxeter, St Andrew
Photo: Nick Green

6 bells, tenor 11cwt in G SY5 6PH SJ 563082

This church is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust - no services are held

Treble: John Warner and Sons of London, 1877

Second: Henry Clibury of Wellington, 1673

Third and tenor: Henry Oldfield II of Nottingham, 1598

Fourth: Thomas Clibury of Wellington, 1666

Fifth: William Clibury of Wellington, 1641

The bells all retain their canons and are are on plain bearings in a 17th century frame which contains some fine 15th century timbers from an earlier frame. (Current frame Pickford 6.1: A1, B6, C2, D3, E4, F5.) The tuning of the bells is not to all tastes. Access is via a spiral staircase with an internal door under the organ loft.


Two places of interest are to be found  near the church: Wroxeter Roman Vineyard www.wroxetervineyard.co.uk., which offers tours and tastings and the Roman city of Viroconium, at one time the fourth largest in Britain. The site is in the care of English Heritage and has toilets, a museum/shop, snacks and a picnic area.

Much of the stone for Wroxeter church was recycled from Viriconium and indeed the churchyard gates are supported by a pair of Roman columns. The font is also part of such a column. Part of a Saxon cross has been set in the south wall. There is also a magnificent 13/14th century chest, some fine Jacobean box pews, a pulpit of the same period and some interesting wall tablets and tombs.

Wroxeter treble

Wroxeter treble

The founder and date on the Treble

Wroxeter 2nd mark

The second bell with Henry Clibury's
foundry mark and the date 1673

Wroxeter 2nd inscription

Decoration and inscription on the second bell

Wroxeter 3rd

The third bell with additional straps

Wroxeter 3rd mark

Wroxeter 3rd date

The third bell with Henry Oldfield's
foundry mark and the date 1598

Wroxeter 4th inscription

Wroxeter 4th date

The fourth bell with the date 1666 and
Thomas Clibury's foundry stamp

Wroxeter 5th inscription

Inscription and decoration on the fifth bell

Wroxeter 5th date

The date on the fifth bell

Wroxeter 5th mark

William Clibury's foundry mark in the fifth bell

Wroxeter tenor stamp

The tenor with Henry Oldfield's foundry
stamp and the date 1598. The bell is
heavily decorated on the shoulder
and all the 'N's are reversed

Wroxeter tenor

The Tenor bell

Wroxeter tenor decoration

Decoration on the shoulder of the tenor

Wroxeter tenor decoration

Decoration on the lip of the tenor