Withington, St John the Baptist

Withington, Saint John

Two bells SY4 4PU SJ 577130

This tower houses two of the oldest bells in the Association's area, but the precise date is a matter of some conjecture.

'Both bells are small and of early 'long-waisted' type; devoid of any inscription, and possibly dating from the fourteenth century.'   (H B Walters - 'Church Bells of Shropshire').

Ranald Clouston inspected the bells in 1984 and dated them at circa 1270.

They are hung with the Treble above the Tenor in an unusual wooden frame which has room for two, or possibly four, more bells. The bells are swing chimed with levers attached to the headstocks. All the ironwork is corroded.

Withington treble

The Treble bell

Withington clapper

The Treble clapper

Withington tenor

The Tenor bell

Withington crown staple

The cast-in crown staple of the Treble

Withington treble headstock

The Treble headstock