Tong, St Bartholomew

Tong, St Bartholomew

6 bells, tenor 12-0-17 in F and bourdon bell, 45-3-11 in C Ground floor
TF11 8PW SJ 796074

Sunday: 10.15 - 10.55am  1st Sunday; others by arrangement

The bells are by five different founders and of six different dates:

Treble Abraham Rudhall II of Gloucester 1719
2 William Clibury of Wellington 1636
3 Robert Newcombe of Leicester 1593
4 Henry Oldfield II of Nottingham 1605
5 William Clibury of Wellington 1625
Tenor Thomas Mears of London 1810

The bourdon bell, cast by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough in 1892, is not 'tucked-up' into its timber headstock. It is rung full-circle, with some difficulty, on special occasions.

The church has a central tower and the bells are rung from the crossing. Some thirty feet of unguided rope tends to expose weaknesses in handling. Those not ringing can admire the medieval choir stalls with misericords and also a number of fine alabaster and stone monuments.

Tong ringers

Surrounded by tombs and monument are (left to right):
Rex Edwards, Jacqui Barden, Sue Hood, Gill Glover, Nick Green and Brian Kear