St Martins, St Martin of Tours

St Martin of Tours, St Martins

6 bells, tenor 7-2-22 in A SY11 3AN SJ 322363

Sunday: 9.00 - 9.30am

Tuesday: 7.00 - 8.30pm - check with incumbent

The tenor and fifth were cast by William Clibury in 1634, probably at his branch foundry at Holt rather than at Wellington, and hang in canon retaining headstocks. The fourth, cast by the same founder in 1632 was recast in 1959 by John Taylor and Co. when they augmented the ring to six. They hang in a well-maintained steel eight bell frame (Pickford 8.3: A4, B5, C6, D & E empty, F1, G2, H3), and are fitted with Hastings stays.

The glazed ringers' gallery is reached up a short, stone spiral staircase on the left inside the main tower door

There is a large car park at the East end of the church with access off Green Lane. The 'Chapter House' attached to the church contains a toilet.

The church has a fine Georgian three decker pulpit.


St Martins tenor

The Tenor with its canon-retaining headstock

St Martins 4th foundry mark

The foundry mark of John Taylor & Co.,
together with the date they recast the fourth

St Martins tenor date

The date on the Tenor, with William Clibury's foundry mark