Shrewsbury, St Michael

Shrewsbury St Michael

6 bells, Tenor 6-2-20 in C SY1 2HQ SJ 497136

Six bells were cast by Thomas Mears II at Whitechapel for this new church 'in a populous suburb hitherto very dimly illuminated by Christian light.' At the first octagonal stage, the tower only measures 9' 3" internally so it was necessary to hang the two lightest bells above the others. The bells were of poor tone and the frame badly designed and constructed. Nevertheless, the bells were rung regularly until the 1950s and occasionally thereafter, with a total of fifteen peals being scored between 1913 and 1956.

The church was closed in 1976 and the bells removed in 1977. They were melted down at Taylor's in June of that year and the former church is now used as the Shrewsbury Freemasons' Hall.

Shrewsbury St Michael 4th

The fourth bell

Shrewsbury St Michael removal

Richard Dorrington, who organised the removal of the bells