Selattyn, St Mary

St Mary, Selattyn

5 bells, tenor 5-2-3 in C# SY10 7DW SJ 266340

Sunday: no regular ringing

All the bells were cast by Charles Carr of Smethwick in 1897 and hang from wooden headstocks, all except the tenor have plain bearings. The layout of the frame is Pickford 6.5: C empty, D1, E2, F3, A4, B5. Pits A, B and F form a traditional timber frame while pits C, D and E were added by Charles Carr and have his typical composite construction.

They had gained the reputation of being unringable but, in 2016, tightening nuts and bolts to the frame, headstocks, gudgeons, etc. revealed that things were not as bad as thought. The clappers were re-bushed and new ground pulleys fitted in 2018. Whilst they remain difficult, they are rung occasionally by ringers from nearby towers and other visitors from further afield.

St Mary's is Grade 1 listed and warrants a visit by anyone interested in church architecture.


Selattyn tenor

The tenor bell

Selattyn tenor headstock

The tenor headstock

Selattyn Carr frame

Charles Carr frameside and corner post

Selattyn plate

Carr's plate on the Ellacombe apparatus

Selattyn tenor inscription

Inscription on the tenor bell