Ryton, St Andrew

St Andrew, Ryton

6 bells, tenor 4-2-23 in Bb TF11 9NY SJ 760028

Sunday: by arrangement - check with tower correspondent

Tuesday: practice by arrangement

The current fourth and fifth bells were cast by William Clibury of Wellington in 1620 and the tenor by Thomas Roberts of Salop in 1680. The ring was augmented to five with the addition of two trebles by Gillett & Co. of Croydon in 1887. The treble was cast in 1879 by John Taylor and Co. of Loughborough.

The bells are hung in a steel frame by Gillett of Croydon (Pickford 6.1: A1; B2; C3; D4; E5; F6). All bells have retained their canons and hang from metal headstocks in ball bearings. The front three bells are secured with bell bolts and the back three with canon retaining headstocks.

The bells are rung from an enclosed gallery with access from the base of the tower via a short vertical ladder.


Ryton treble

The Treble

Ryton second bell

The second bell

Ryton 4th

The fourth bell

Ryton treble date and founder

Date and founder on Ryton Treble

Ryton founders of 2nd and 3rd

The founder of the second and third bells

Ryton lettering on 4th

Lettering from the fourth bell

Ryton 5th

The fifth bell

Ryton tenor

The Tenor

Ryton lettering on 4th

Lettering from the fourth bell

Ryton decoration on 5th

Decoration from the fifth bell

Ryton initials on 5th

The initials of William Clibury with
the 'C' reversed on the fifth bell

Ryton tenor lettering

Lettering on the Tenor

Ryton tenor date

The date on Thomas Roberts' Tenor

Ryton cannon detail

Detail of the canons on the Gillett bells