Myddle, St Peter

St Peter, Myddle

3 bells, tenor 7cwt in A Ground floor SY4 3RJ SJ 468236

Sunday: special services only - check with tower correspondent

The Treble was cast by Abraham Rudhall I of Gloucester in 1715. The second was cast by an unknown founder, and the tenor by Thomas Clibury II of Wellington in 1668. In 1903 Greenleaf and Tristram of Hereford removed the canons of all the bells and hung them with new fittings in an L-shaped frame. This was designed so that further pits could easily be added to receive additional bells. The tenor bears the name of Richard Gough as churchwarden. He wrote 'The History of Myddle' in 1700-1, in which he gives a very evocative account of church and village life of the period.

The ropes fall in an awkward cluster to one side of the font in the base of the tower. This well-lit area is open to the nave.


Myddle inscription

The inscription with Richard Gough
as churchwarden

Myddle inscription

Part of the inscription
on the second

Myddle ringing

The ringing 'circle'.
The ringers are the late
Frank Hodge (Myddle), Edwina
and Paul Smart (Baschurch).

Myddle frame

The Greenleaf and Tristram frame with Treble to Tenor from the left.

Myddle tenor

The Tenor