Montford, St Chad

St Chad, Montford

6 bells, tenor 12cwt in G SY4 1AB SJ 418148

All the bells were cast by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough in 1891. The frame is composite with cast iron 'H' castings and timber beams and braces. (Pickford 6.4: A6; B1; C2; D3; E4; F5.) The bells are all flat-topped and hang from wooden headstocks in plain bearings. Unless recently oiled, they require considerable effort to ring well.

Parking is in the narrow lanes around the church.

Access to the ringing room is via a short flight of steps on the South side of the tower.


Montford 4th

The fourth bell

Montford date

The date of casting all the bells

Montford lettering

Lettering from the inscription band