Malinslee, St Leonard

St Leonard, Malinslee

6 bells, tenor 8¼ cwt in B TF4 2AS SJ 689081

No ringing at present following an architect's inspection

All the bells were cast by Charles Carr of Smethwick in 1887. They retain their canons and are hung in a typical early Carr composite frame.

The church was designed by Thomas Telford in 1805. Entrance to the ringing room is via the stone staircase in the circular lobby at the base of the tower. There is a church car park to the North of the building, reached via Alma Avenue off Church Road.


Malinslee frame

The composite frame side with wooden
sill and head, cast iron lowside sections
and cast iron corner posts

Malinslee bell

One of the Carr bells with fittings typical of the period