Loppington, St Michael and All Angels

St Michael, Loppington

3 bells, tenor 8-1-4 in Ab SY4 5SG SJ 472293

Sunday: Special services only, please check with tower correspondent

TheTreble was cast by John Rudhall of Gloucester in 1787 and the second and tenor by William Clibury of Wellington, the former in 1624 and the latter in 1605. In 1935 they were tuned and rehung in a steel frame with new fittings by Gillett & Johnston of Croydon. The frame has the three pits side by side with the Tenor in the middle.

The bells are rung from the first floor clock room with access via a newel staircase from the vestry. They are easy to handle and sound well.


Loppington date

The date 1605 on the Tenor,
making it one of William Clibury's
earliest bells

Loppington decoration

Detail of decoration used on the second

Loppington foundry mark

William Clibury's foundry mark
and the date 1624 on the second

Loppington treble

The Treble

Loppington 2nd

The second, with its cannon retaining headstock

Loppington tenor

The Tenor