Leaton, Holy Trinity


5 bells, tenor 14-2-0 in G SY4 3AP SJ 469184

Ringing for special occasions and weddings only.

All five bells were cast by cast by John Taylor & Co. in 1872. Their cannons have been removed, and they hang from wooden headstocks in ball bearings in a wooden frame. (Pickford 5.12 reversed: D1, C2, B3, A4, E5)

In an open turret on the west gable of the nave hangs a Sanctus bell (diameter 2¾") cast by Thomas Mears II of London in 1821.

Low sallies and tail ends longer than is conventional can lead to some difficulties ringing this fine ring of five.

Access is via an external door in the west wall between the nave and tower. This gives onto a choice of staircases, the left-hand of which is more rewarding.

There is a car park next to the church, which is isolated apart from the former vicarage.


Leaton tenor

The tenor bell

Leaton crest

The crest and inscription which
features on all bells.The initials are those of
C S Lloyd, Esq., the donor of the bells

Leaton sanctus

The Sanctus bell

Leaton sanctus inscription Leaton sanctus date

The founder and date of the Sanctus bell