Hinstock, St Oswald

St Oswald, Hinstock

6 bells, tenor 7-0-0 in C TF9 2TF SJ 694264

Sunday: 9.30 - 10.00am

Monday: 7.30 - 9.00pm - check with tower correspondent

Bells 2 - 5 were cast by Thomas Mears and Son of Whitechapel in 1808. The Tenor was recast by Mears and Stainbank of Whitechapel in 1885 and the Treble added by the same foundry in 1937. The bells hang in a wooden five bell frame (Pickford 5.1: B2, C3, D4, E5, A6) with a steel frame added for the treble.  Because of the layout in the bell chamber, the additional pit for the Treble was fitted at the 'wrong' end of the Tenor pit and in order to achieve a satisfactory circle, the rope is heavily drawn though the intermediate chamber. The bells all retain their canons and hang from wooden headstocks. The fourth and tenor still have plain bearings.

The ringing room is reached via a short spiral staircase from the vestry in the base of the tower, and is on three levels.

Hinstock tenor

The Tenor

Hinstock treble

The Treble

Hinstock drwn treble

The Treble rope 'drawn' to give
a conventional rope circle

Hinstock bearings

Old and new bearings

Hinstock rules

Ringers' rules

Hinstock founder mark

An incomplete founder's mark for
Thomas Mears I and II, father and son, of 1808

Hinstock date

The date of the Mears' bells