High Ercall, St Michael and All Angels

High Ercall

8 bells, tenor 10-2-8 in F# TF6 6AF SJ 594174

Sunday: 10.30 - 11.00am

Wednesday: 7.00 - 8.00pm, check with correspondent

Treble and second by John Briant of Hertford, 1812
Third by Thomas Rudhall of Gloucester, 1767
Fourth by Abel Rudhall of Gloucester 1759
Fifth, seventh and Tenor by Abraham Rudhall I of Gloucester,1707
Sixth by Thomas Rudhall of Gloucester, 1776

The bells were tuned and hung clockwise in a new metal frame by Taylors in 1979. (Pickford 8.3: A2, B3, C5, D4, E6, F7, G8, H1). Ringing is from a gallery open to the nave with access through a sliding trap door. Below the gallery there is a toilet.


There is parking outside the churchyard. There is a pub and village shop but neither is very near to the church. Of note are an Early Norman tympanum set in the north wall of nave with a representation of the Tree of Life, and the double hammer beam roof of the nave.

High Ercall tenor

The Abraham Rudhall Tenor bell of 1707

High Ercall 6th

The Thomas Rudhall sixth bell of 1776

High Ercall 5th

The Abraham Rudhall fifth bell of 1707

High Ercall treble

The Treble bell

High Ercall tenor inscription

The double inscription band on the Tenor bell

High Ercall 4th founder

Abel Rudhall, founder of the fourth bell in 1759

High Ercall date

The date on the fifth, seventh and Tenor bells

High Ercall foundry mark

The foundry mark of Abraham Rudhall I

High Ercall treble founder

John Briant, founder of the Treble and
second bells in  1812. The date and Calvary
cross, one of several foundrymarks
he used, are shown right.

High Ercall marks

High Ercall 4th date

The date on the Abel Rudhall fourth bell

High Ercall 6th date

The date on the Thomas Mears sixth bell

High Ercall 6th

The founder's name on the sixth bell

High Ercall 6th

 High Ercall 3rd date

The date on the Thomas Rudhall third bell

High Ercall 3rd founder

The foundry mark of Thomas Rudhall,
founder of the third bell in 1767