Great Ness, St Andrew


6 bells, tenor 7-3-17 in B Almost ground floor SY4 2LD SJ 397190

Sunday: currently no ringing - check with tower correspondent

Treble, 2, 3 and Tenor were cast by Gillett and Johnston of Croydon in 1932. 4 was cast circa 1480 at the Worcester foundry and 5 by Thomas Clibury I of Wellington in 1634. The bells are hung in a two-tier metal frame with the third above the others. The lower frame is of H sections (Pickford 5.1: A2, B4, C5, D6, E1) with the third bell in a low sided frame above. The bells all have modern fittings but the hanging dynamics of 4 and 5 might well be adversely affected by their canon retaining headstocks and some less experienced ringers may find accurate striking rather challenging.


There is adequate parking on the approach road to the church. The ringing room door is up three steps at the back of the nave and is perhaps more inviting in the summer months. A toilet has recently been fitted in the church. Great Ness itself has no facilities other than a letter box. A filling station/shop and 'The Old Three Pigeons' (usually reliable in serving good food) can be found a mile away at Nesscliffe.

Great Ness 3rd

The third bell

Great Ness 5th

The fifth bell

Great Ness 5th

Detail of the inscription on the fifth bell

Great Ness 5th decoration

Detail of the decoration on the fifth bell

Great Ness 5th date

The date on the 5th, with 4 reversed

Great Ness 4th inscription

Detail of the inscription on the fourth bell

Great Ness 4th

The head used as a stop on the fourth bell

Great Ness tenor

The G & J bell number above
with the date of the former Tenor below

Great Ness badge

The Gillett & Johnston logo

Great Ness founders

The founders of the Treble, 2, 3 and Tenor