Ellesmere, The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin, Ellesmere

8 bells, tenor 18-0-18 in Eb SY12 0HD SJ 403348

Sunday: 9.45 - 10.15am

Friday: 7.30 - 9.00pm, check with tower correspondent

Treble, 4, 5 and 6:  Thomas Rudhall  of Gloucester,1768

2, 3, 7:  Abraham Rudhall II  of Gloucester, 1727

Tenor:  John Rudhall of Gloucester, 1799

The tuning of the ring might be considered idiosyncratic and they can sound a little mournful. The frame is dated 1712 (Pickford 8.2: A8, B1, C2, D3, E4, F5, G6, H7).

Major work on the installation was undertaken in early 2014. The bells had their cannons removed and were tuned at the Whitechapel foundry. Nicholson Engineering fitted new steel headstocks and rehung the bells on ball bearings with all new fittings. The frame is dated 1712 (Pickford 8.2: A8, B1, C2, D3, E4, F5, G6, H7).

The central tower has an external entrance on south side leading to a somewhat tortuous route of newel staircases and passages. The ringing room has a peal board from 1730, a set of ringers' rules and a 1919 printed list of salaries and fees for ringers.

The town has all the usual facilities, but not immediately adjacent to the church. Parking may be available beside the Mere or on Church Hill to the east of the church. Otherwise there is a public car park in the town. Public conveniences are to be found in the park opposite the church gates and at the Mere car park.