Shropshire Association

Llansilin, Powys - at the Church of St Silin

On Saturday, 19 October 2019, in 2 hours and 45 minutes

A Peal of 5040 Doubles & Minor

7 methods: 720 each Beverley Surprise Minor, Surfleet Surprise Minor,
Cambridge Surprise Minor, St Clement's College Bob Minor,
Plain Bob Minor; 960 Grandsire Doubles; 480 Plain Bob Doubles

Tenor 5𣛦 in B

Nicola J Galton Treble William J Lander 4
Madeline J Harris 2 Peter Neil 5
Cordelia Warr 3 Anthony J Freemont Tenor

Conducted by Peter Neil.

Second peal on the bells since augmentation in 2000,
second peal as conductor.

1087.RW5673.66 17.i.2020

Peal 1087 band

The band 1-6 from left to right.
Above, in Welsh, is a list of people a man (left) and woman may not marry

Photo from Tony Freemont