Shropshire Association

Lilleshall, Shropshire - at the Church of St Michael and All Angels

On Saturday, 28 September 2019, in 2 hours and 32 minutes

A Peal of 5040 Minor

4 Methods: One extent each of Oxford Treble Bob, Kent Treble Bob
and St Clement's College Bob; and four of Plain Bob

Tenor 9 in Ab

Ian Friend Treble Christopher Adams 4
William S Deason 2 Mark Adams 5
Gail K Lawrence 3 Matthew Lawrence Tenor

Conducted by Matthew Lawrence.

Rung to celebrate the life of Bill Reynolds who died on the 10th September.
Bill was a lifelong resident of Lilleshall, a ringer at this church since 1943
and Tower Captain for over 50 years.

The same methods as those rung in Bill's last peal, here in September 1973.

1086.RW5659.993 11.x.2019

Bill Reynolds

Bill Reynolds

Photo from the Reynolds family collection