Shropshire Association

Meole Brace - at the Church of The Holy Trinity

On Saturday, 15 June 2019, in 3 hours 6 minutes

A Peal of 5040 Plain Bob Triples

Composed by Roger Bailey

Tenor 7-1-7 in Bb

Gail K Lawrence Treble Peter Neil 5
Gillian R Glover 2 Michael Carding 6
E Ann Williams 3 Matthew Lawrence 7
Nicola J Galton 4 Andrew P Digby Tenor

Conducted by Matthew Lawrence.

First Peal - Tenor.

First Peal for the Shropshire Association - 6.

Rung for the 150th Anniversary of Holy Trinity, Meole Brace
and for the 50th Anniversary of the bells.


Andy Digby June 2019

Andy Digby

Photo by Matt Lawrence