All the Answers to the Virtual Quiz

1. Old Imperial system of volume measurement that sounds like a girl’s shortened name. How many were there to the pint?
OR If the librarian were a liquid measure how many would you get to the pint?
The librarian is Gill Glover. There are 4 gills in a pint

2. This question is appealing. If you were successful with Question 1 you will be able to name the tower where that numbered Association peal was rung.
OR Can you name the tower where the peal with the same number was rung?
The fourth peal for the Association was rung at Coalbrookdale (!Peals%20by%20date%20and%20number1-250.htm )
You will also be able to name a ringer.
OR Using the same number you should be able to identify a ringer in that peal.
The ringer of the fourth was William D Wase ( )
How many peals did he ring for the Association?
He rang 4 ( )

FIENDISH EXTRA / SHAGGY DOG QUESTION (FE/SDQ1) Here is a chance to cash in your first key item. If you add the number of bells in the tower in Question 2...
There are 10 bells at Coalbrookdale ( ) the number of Association peals rung by the ringer.
(we know this is 4) , you will get a number. 10+4 = 14
Use that number in a weighty way to find a bell that no longer exists,
OR Use that number to identify, from a list of the heaviest bells in the UK, a bell that was replaced in Manchester Town Hall after just 6 years by a heavier bell. What was the name of that bell (in fact both bells)....
The 14th heaviest bell in the UK was the first Great Abel in Manchester Town Hall. It was replaced with the new Great Abel 6 years later ( )
...but whose name might remind you of bellringing that doesn’t exist, or at least isn’t real.
Abel is a bell sound simulator programme ( )
You might then go to a website managed by Interactive Advertising. ( )
If you are in the right web site you might be able to tell me the possible name of Cain’s sister.
OR Does the name of this bell remind you of a ringing simulator? If it does, go to the web page advertising the simulator. Are there any other simulator programmes related to the one you first thought of? If so what are their names? Does the name of the first simulator remind you of a male biblical character. If so, who was his brother?
Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve. After killing Abel, Cain took a wife. As all people are said to arise from Adam and Eve, the only possible wife must also be a child of Adam and Eve, and therefore Cain’s (and Abel’s) sister. There is speculation over the name of this sister. ( ) but in our context it could be Mabel. On the website Abel has two relatives Mabel and Mobel. Both could be said to be sisters of Abel but:
This is turn might remind you of a table and a famous radio show...
OR Now go back to the simulator programmes. Does one have a name that rhymes with a piece of furniture?
The radio show “Have A Go”, which ran from 1946 to 1967 and launched such catchphrases as "How do, how are yer?", "Are yer courting?", "What's on the table, Mabel?"
...and a famous radio show host whose surname...
OR If you put the name of this simulator programme and the piece of furniture into the search engine Google together with the words radio show you will be led to a BBC radio show that ran from 1946 to 1967. What are the names of the show and the host?
Wilfred Pickles (Mabel was actually his real wife) ( ) When the world cup was played in England in 1966, the world come trophy (at one time known as the Jules Rimet Trophy) was stolen. the same as the name of the dog who found the Jules Rimet in 1966.
Which was found by a dog called Pickles ( )
What, in the context of this question is so interesting about the designer of the original Jules Rimet?
OR The thing he found had a designer. What was his first name?
The designer of the Trophy was Abel Lafleur

3. If the team who had won the Jules Rimet most often,...
OR If you discovered what the dog found, you will be able to name the nationality of the team that has won it most times.
Here I have cheated a bit by using Jule Rimet to cover the names of all the World Cup Trophies since 1930 to the present day. Brazil have won the cup the most (5 times)
...were a Surprise method with a military rank, what would be the place bell order?
OR can you find a bell ringing method on 8 bells with the same name?
This link might be helpful: ( )
Brazil Surprise Major has the same place bell order as Cambridge. 2,6,7,3,4,8,5.
If you started with the smallest, then added the first to the second bell in that order and then subtracted the next, added the next, etc what number would you end up with?
OR Now some maths! Add the second number to the first. Then subtract from the sum the third number and go on in this way adding and subtracting alternate numbers. What number to you get left with?
2+6-7+3-4+8-5 = 3

4. So if 3 is ones, 4 is about as small as it gets, and a company commander is one less than 8, why is the plural of five 11?
OR what is the name given to a method rung on 3 bells? And on 4?
What is the rank of soldier in the British Army who leads a Company of soldiers? How does that relate to the name of methods rung on 8 bells?
There are two calls used to conduct extended lengths of bell ringing. One is “bob” and the other is ……………. How does that name differ from the name of a method rung on 3 bells? There is the same difference between five in a foreign language and the name of methods rung on 11 bells. What is the foreign word?
In ringing a method on 3 bells is called singles (one[s]). A method on 4 bells is called minimus (about as small as it gets) ( )
A company commander in the army is a Captain and by rank he or she is the next in rank below a Major ( )
A method on 8 bells is called Major.
The French for five is cinque ( ) and just as the plural of single was singles the plural of cinque is cinques which is a method rung on 11 bells ( ).

5. 11 is a great number. For one thing it’s a prime number. What is the sum of all the prime numbers smaller than 11? .
The prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7 and the sum is 17. One is NOT a prime number. ( )

FIENDISH EXTRA / SHAGGY DOG QUESTION (FE/SDQ2) We are sticking with 11, at least to start with. Who wrote only 11 symphonies the last of which he did not finish but was written (in 1876) six years before his death.
The composer was Joachim Raff. ( )
If you take the surname of the composer and add it to the first name of the designer of the Jules Rimet Trophy...
Abel (FEQ1) – making Raffabel
...then remove a type of story by Aesop...
OR Aesop was a famous Greek author born in 620 BC (now called BCE) He was a storyteller and wrote a particular type of story. What was it? (Clue: it is 5 letters long). If you subtract those 5 letters from the 8 you already have...
fable ( )
...whatever you have left sounds like the clue to a song...
OR Written one way they are the initials of a famous air force, but written in another order, they spell a proper word. What is that word?
Say it out loud, in fact sing it. Does it remind you of a famous song sung by a woman who appeared as Mary Poppins in another film?
RAF is an anagram of FAR, Do, Re, Me ……. (NB. The spelling of the note is Fa, but it SOUNDS like FAR) ( )
...from a famous musical. Which?
Sound of Music, My Favourite Things,Julie Andrews ( )
There was another song in the same musical which mentioned two different types of bells. What were they?
Door and Sleigh.

6. Back with our prime numbers. In 5 you calculated the sum of the prime numbers smaller than 11. There is a marvellously named village in Essex called Fobbing.
Using the sum of the prime numbers less than 11 as a clue (17), and rung in the year after the 1000th peal rung for the Shropshire Association, (2104)
( ) (NB a peal of cinques)
you will find a QP with a link to SACBR. What is it?
On the 3rd May 2015 a QP of 17 Plain Doubles. ( )
One of the methods was Shropshire.

7. If Shropshire and Scotland haves 0 or 1 depending on how you look at it, Oxford has 15, Chester has 5, and Leicester has 6, how many has North Wales? Please remember this is a bell ringer’s quiz.
Shropshire and Scotland are Bell Ringing Association with no Branches, or you could think of them as being Associations with one branch.
Oxford has 15 Branches (,
Chester has 5 (,
Leicester has 6 ( )
and North Wales has 4 ( ).

8. If you got the last question correct you will have used an 8 letter plural. BRANCHES.
It reminded me of an anagram of my favourite aunt and her husband’s shortened first names. What are their most likely full first names?
Branches – Bren & Chas. Most likely shortened form of Brenda and Charles

FIENDISH EXTRA/SAHGGY DOG QUESTION (FE/SDQ3): This isn’t really bellringy but is based on the current lockdown. Guess the original title of a book, film or play from the Covid situation remake:

  1. I coughed over the bird house One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  2. The SARS of Boris Johnson The Eyes of Laura Mars
  3. 2020 1984
  4. Ruler of the virus Lord of the Rings
  5. The nurse who came home from the pandemic The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
  6. 2020: an odd spaciality 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. Coughing in the train Singing in the Rain
  8. The importance of being distanced The Importance of Being Earnest
  9. Who’s afraid of Covid-19 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
  10. The line controller The Godfather

9. Were back with bellringing again. This is both simple and difficult. As we saw in 7, Shropshire and Scotland are similar, but one letter separates them, what letter is it?
The Shropshire Association of Church Bell Ringers shortens to SACBR (
and the Scottish Association of Change Ringers shortens to SACR (, so the difference is the letter B.