Shrewsbury, Abbey of the Holy Cross


8 bells, Tenor 23-0-0 (approx) in Eb                                  SJ498125

Treble and 2nd - Thomas Mears II of London, 1825

3rd - John Taylor & Co of Loughborough, 1884

4th - John Briant of Hertford, 1812

5th - Charles and George Mears of London, 1846

6th - Abel Rudhall of Gloucester 1745

7th - John Warner & Sons of London, 1877

Tenor - Abraham Rudhall of Gloucester, 1713


At the Dissolution, the Abbey had two rings of five bells, one in the current tower and one in a central tower. In 1673 a ring of eight was cast by George Oldfield of Nottingham and these were replaced over time by the present bells. Five peals were rung at the Abbey between 1736 and 1786.  The bells were rung full-circle until at least 1895 but in 1909 concern over the safety of the tower led to the bells being removed and rehung without wheels in a new frame. They are currently sounded by an Ellacombe apparatus.  


The south side of the frame

Looking west, with (from left) bells 4, 6, 7, 8, 5, 2

Plan for the new frame by Greenleaf &Tristram

The John Briant 4th

The Tenor fittings

Profile of Queen Victoria on the 7th

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